Sing with us

Looking for a musical challenge in a fun atmosphere?

Thinking of joining?

  • Fill an application form.
  • Come sing with us for a couple of rehearsals.
  • If you like the experience and express a desire to join,
  • Take a Voice Placement assessment .

Already know you want to join?

  • Call 905.884.7922 or email us at info [at] chorusyork [dot] ca to schedule a time for a meeting.

At the voice placement

  • You will do a few vocal exercises to establish your range.
  • We will check your voice colour and dynamic range.
  • Have a bit of a chat.

Before Acceptance to the Choir

  • We will have an interview and chat about our compatibility.
  • You may be asked to sing one or two choral excerpts from the repertoire rehearsed during your time with us.
  • Attention is given during your time with us to your level of preparedness, rhythmic precision, intonation, blend, and the ability to adapt to directions from the conductor.
  • Choir membership is a yearly fee of $250, usually paid in September

The final say as to who is right for the choir and who will join rests with our Artistic Director and Board.

We want singers who

  • have prior choral experience
  • possess good music reading skills, good ear for intonation, and a blending voice
  • are able to sing without vibrato at will
  • are willing to learn
  • come prepared to rehearsals
  • display a positive attitude
  • actively participate in promotion, fundraising, tickets sales, etc.

Members of Chorus York are independent learners, conscientious and prepared, team players, able to take and follow direction.

What you can expect

  • Top notch musical leadership
  • Relentless demand for perfection
  • Interesting repertoire
  • A challenging and fulfilling experience
  • A chance to sing great music and do it really well


Our rehearsals take place weekly on Tuesday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church, 10066 Yonge St, Richmond Hill ON L4C 1T8.

Focus during rehearsals is placed on: ensemble, intonation, blend, style, vocal technique, and sound production.