Chorus York will soon be resuming in-person rehearsals in a new pactice venue. Coming in September, our rehearsals will be moving to the main hall on the ground floor of Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church. This room will provide more room, better acoustics, a better piano, and the opportunity for fresh air from open windows.

We will be resuming in-person singing, initially with masks, and with the addition of an air purification system to reduce spread of air-borne infections. We will also be introducing the choir to a new Artistic Director.

The Board of Chorus York has been receiving applications and meeting with potential new directors, and have been quite pleased with the applicants we have reviewed so far. This process will continue as summer progresses, and come September, we will be having live rehearsals with the applicants as part of the final process of selection. All Chorus York singers past, present, and prospective are urged to come and meet them and see what exciting things are coming our way.